Commercial Office/Retail Building            United Valuations is a premier real estate appraisal firm providing real estate valuation services and consulting. Over the past decade, United Valuations has valued over a billion dollars in residential and commercial assets in the Greater Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia/Bremerton market areas with particular focus on small to medium sized warehouse, retail and office properties and residential properties. Commercial valuation services are offered by United Valuations and in affiliation with Chynoweth & Associates, 30 year commercial appraisal veterans in the Puget Sound Region. Our appraisers have experience in valuing real estate for lending, risk management, estate planning and probate, IRS reporting, tax appeal, divorce settlements, bankruptcy, bond collateral, insurance purposes, market and feasibility analysis, litigation support and much more.

A Greeting from our CEO:

           “I am writing on behalf of my team, to thank you for the opportunity to serve you.  We specialize in meeting the commercial and residential appraisal needs of our clients with Integrity, Service and with Excellence. 

  Ressdiential Home          “Integrity:  This means two things for us: doing what we say we will do; and doing what is right even when it appears that no one is looking. We understand that quality appraisals are a cornerstone in the mortgage backed securities and banking institutions which stabilize our economy. We take seriously our role as defined by the Federal government to “promote and preserve of the public trust” – the public trust in their own country’s financial stability. We take seriously how important accurate information is to your investment decision making process.

            “Service:  We at United Valuations never forget that you are the client and you have a choice as to where and who you send your appraisal business.  No call, fax or email goes without a response!  We are proactive in our correspondence when a file has been scheduled, when the walk-through is completed and at any time an issue is discovered.  Our clients especially appreciate the fact that we keep them informed throughout the appraisal process AND deliver when we say we will as long as it depends on us. 

 mmd4           “Excellence:  United Valuations has set our standard well above what the state and industry requires in terms of education and industry involvement. Each of my appraiser’s has a professional development plan in writing as to how they are going to rise to their next level achievement within their chosen specialties. I personally, have an MBA; have been appraising for over 10 years; have my general certification; am a long term member of the Appraisal Institute and am a Candidate for MAI, the most prestigious designation within the appraisal industry.

            “Even if you already have an appraiser that you work with regularly, in virtually every instance,



there is value added in having a relationship with an additional and/or backup appraiser already developed.  If you’re current appraiser provides you with the same kind of awesome service and quality that we at United Valuations do – then BY ALL MEANS continue as you are and just keep our information as a backup.  But don’t be deceived into thinking that all appraisers offer the same kind and level of service. 

            “I am so confident in my appraisers and staff that if you try us – YOU WILL LIKE US!  Go ahead, spoil yourself with fast turn-times, always knowing the status of your appraisals and having confidence in the work that being done – YOU DESERVE IT!

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