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First off, let me thank you for taking the time to learn about the service we offer. You are welcome at any time to call and ask questions and skip reading all of this. We are appraiser in Montgomery Warren Greene.

In addition to appraisals for traditional mortgage lending, HELOCs, and hard-money lending. We offer real estate valuation services for private parties like homeowners, attorneys, financial planners, and accountants needing a market value expert in residential real property appraisals for many situations like estate and trust appraisals, probate and tax reporting (date of death-step up in tax basis), for-sale-by-owner, home measurement services, mediation disputes, divorce, bankruptcy, bond collateral, real estate portfolios, litigation, expert testimony, appraisal review, pre-listing valuations, private lending, and consulting. Our team has over two billion in real estate assets appraised. We have appraised an array of residential properties ranging from the most modest of starter homes to multi-million-dollar estates.

Trust, Estate, & Probate:

This can be pre- or post- the passing of someone you care about and please accept our condolences at any loss you are feeling. Estate planning before death is a wise idea for everyone, especially if there is real estate involved. For either the distribution of your assets to heirs, paying the least amount of taxes necessary, or caring for someone who is too young or unable to care for themselves, working with a financial planner and attorney to establish a will or trust is important. Probate is the term used when the state distributes your assets for you because you do not have a will or trust to express your desires.

In any of these cases, determining the value of your real estate by a qualified professional (that’s where we come in) will be necessary. For trusts, an appraisal will be necessary at the time of placing the real estate into the trust and again as of the date of passing. For wills and probate, an appraisal is only necessary after the death and is typically ordered by the executor of the will. It is necessary for the purpose of tax reporting and establishing a tax basis, which is the next category of our service. We can help you with that.

Tax & Basis Reporting:

The IRS wants their money. That is the simplest way of putting it. Tax reporting can sometimes require the valuation of your real estate by a qualified professional (us again). The donation of real estate to a charity. The gifting of real estate to a family member. The distribution of real estate through a trust, will, or probate. All of these will need to establish a “step-up in basis”. That’s technical speak for the government needs to know what the value is now so they can tax you on the gain. Or you may be able to claim the loss at some point in the future. We can help you with that.

Divorce & Division of Assets:

Due to irreconcilable differences or any other reason, some relationships, marriages, partnerships, and contractual agreements need to be dissolved. If real estate was purchased and those assets need to be disbursed or divided, an appraisal by a qualified professional is necessary to ensure fair and equitable conclusions. Of course, we can help you with that.

FSBO or Pre-Listings:

On a much lighter and happier note, some properties are just unique. Pinpointing a value for a listing price may require an extra set of eyes. A valuation can also be helpful if you are a homeowner selling your house on your own. This is called a FSBO or “For Sale By Owner”. Either way, we can help you with that.

Bankruptcy, Mediation, or Litigation:

Oof! All big words mean things have not gone the way you had hoped and for this, we empathize with you. If real estate is involved, an opinion of real estate value by a qualified professional may be required – in fact, two or three appraisals may be necessary to settle some disputes. We can help you with at least one of those opinions and can refer other appraisal professionals if more are needed.

Home Measurement Services:

It is no secret that the square footage of a home significantly impacts the price you can receive for your property. So having an accurate home measurement can be crucial to closing that deal or going back to the negotiation table for a lower price. Also, appraisers use a regulated ANSI standard for measuring homes for lending purposes. There are specific rules that must be met to include some second-story and basement square footage in the livable area of the home. We provide this service as well. It includes a sketch to go along with your marketing materials. We never report our findings to the tax assessor’s office so our findings will not impact your property taxes.

Speaker – Education & Training:

We at United Valuations love educating our customers and clients. Whether it is your free phone consultation or a presentation at your real estate and mortgage brokerage office marketing/sales meeting, we are here to help answer your questions regarding real estate valuation. Ask us about receiving real estate agent continuing education credits for our presentations as well.


We offer three tiers of service available for your particular valuation needs. Appraiser in Montgomery Warren Greene.

The Full Enchilada Appraisal:

This is our top-tier service and is comparable to the level of detail required by the Veterans Administration for our Vets to qualify for a VA loan, just to put it in perspective. This is the only product available for atypical, complex, or high-value properties due to the level of work and analysis required for these types of properties. It is also the level we would steer you to if there is any contention between the parties that might be depending on the appraisal.

The Burrito Appraisal:

This is our mid-grade product and is great for most non-lending appraisal needs. It is at a lower cost because of the smaller reporting, but we do not cut back on any of the really important stuff – like the accuracy of your valuation.

The Taco Appraisal:

We call it the Taco because it is our smallest appraisal product but is still really good. Leaning on you to provide some of the information for us like the photos and list of upgrades, since there is no on-site inspection. This also allows us to provide the quickest delivery time for this valuation.

Give us a call for a free consultation on which of these services might best meet your needs. We do reserve the right to only give you a quote on the services we are willing to perform for your unique situation and property. Appraiser in Montgomery Warren Greene.

In conclusion, we are residential real estate appraisers in Montgomery, Warren, and Greene counties and the surrounding areas.

Our team looks forward to answering your real estate valuation-related questions. Furthermore, we ask for the opportunity to earn a position on your trusted real estate professional team. Appraiser in Montgomery Warren Greene counties.

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